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It's been a few weeks since I realized I'm hooked on Leonard Nimoy's works; it all started with the last film I watched in the cinema called, Star Trek Into Darkness, and went to see it just because Benedict Cumberbatch was in it (to make it clear, i'm not a fan of him but find his characters like Sherlock Holmes and many others, very fine ones). Later on, thanks to a friend of mine who did enlighten me, I watched the earlier film from 2009 and became enchanted by Spock character. From them on, I started to watch everything of Star Trek franchise chronologically, and after seeing the whole original series, it was me who begun looking for Leonard Nimoy's other films and series. So, here I am! Hope to find some fans out there (this looks a little bit off...).
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Question : Leonard Nimoy on The Carol Burnett Show

Mr. Spock shows up at Carol's apartment. (source)

This photo appears online for long time and I think it's interesting.So I need more information before decide to buy DVD.On IMDB (Click link to see its web page.)it's "The Carol Burnett Show" season 1 episode 12

Anyone ever watched it? I check DVD information on Amazon but it's massive.Which  one Nimoy in?

Or anyone have it,please share.<3
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