An Intransigent Feminist Twit (nimbrethil) wrote in leonard_nimoy,
An Intransigent Feminist Twit

Nimoy's 2010 Convention circuit

I know that Nimoy is reportedly retiring from conventions after this year.  What I can't find is which conventions are the ten he will be attending.  Can anyone confirm whether he'll be at DragonCon this year?  (I checked the website, it's unclear).
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Ugh, man, I hope this is just a rumour, and he's not actually retiring. I haven't gotten a chance to see him yet, and now it looks like I never will. :(

In any case, this is the site I check regularly for updates on his appearances:
No, it's not a rumour. He said as much in an interview. I'll try to dig up the link, but you may get to it faster with Google. And thanks!

Deleted comment

lol...Thanks, I suppose, given that the year is all but over now. =/